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M/C Journal Reviews

Predictions of Fire Besides being an international film festival favorite (Canada, Russia, New York, Sundance, Sydney), Predictions of Fire has gained such swift cult status that it may be the only movie with a website dedicated to “all discernible written, … Continued

The Village Voice

  Reviews Predictions of Fire Written and directed by Michael Benson An Artistic License Films release At Film Forum Through October 15 It’s complacent rock band that doesn’t yearn to storm the Bastille, smash the state, incite panic, and inflame … Continued

TimeOut New York

With a few notable Reagan-era exceptions, the American art world has generally kept a wary distance from politics, only occasionally being dragged into the fray as a right-wing whipping boy. Which partly explains why the work of NSK, the Slovenian … Continued

The Star-Ledger

Part documentary, part travelogue, history lesson, art lesson and political manifesto, Predictions of Fire is a unique investigation into the world of Laibach, an industrial/rock/performance/art/agitprop musical group who invoke the lost history and culture of Slovenia even while they summon … Continued

The New York Times Predictions of Fire

The notion that art and politics are profoundly intertwined may seem remote to most Americans, give or take the occasional controversy over government support for the arts. But in Europe, where totalitarian states have trampled on free expression and appropriated … Continued

The Daily News

Dissidents Raise Red Flag against Legacy of Communist Imagery The Communist culture so angrily mocked by the Slovenian artists’ collective called NSK may no longer physically exist in Eastern Europe but it remains a country of the mind — a … Continued

NY Post

***1/2 (three and a half stars) Every few months like a clockwork, the flipped-out folks who program Film Forum unleash a completely original, wonderfully weird film on us unsuspecting New Yorkers. This time around it’s “Predictions of Fire” — a … Continued