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Intelligent Life

A new photography exhibition in London takes you on a tour of the solar system – and makes the surreal real For millennia, humans gazed upon the heavens with nothing but the naked eye. Then Galileo, humanity’s optician, invented the … Continued

A Plutonian Haze

Mosaic composite photograph. New Horizons, July 14, 2015. 2015 Composite Photograph. Digital C-print 35 x 70 inches, edition of 8

Crescent Earth

Composite photograph. GOES West, May 18, 2015. 2015 Digital C Print 72 x 72 inches, edition of 3 Also available in 50 x 50 inches, edition of 8

Explosions in the sky light-years away are coming into focus in ways never seen before, as are the very active volcanoes on a Jupiter moon and the rings of Saturn. They are the spectacular interstellar landscapes of our solar system, … Continued

The Economist

Renewing the lost wonder of the solar system   THERE is some danger these days of failing to be astonished by images delivered from space probes. Each generation becomes slightly more inured to imagery that each prior generation would have … Continued


When Nasa first sent lunar probes into space, the world got a glimpse of the moon and Earth in orbit. Recently enhanced, the images star in a new exhibition celebrating five decades of planetary photography For more than half a … Continued


Seen from Earth, the disks of the Moon and Sun are about the same size — a coincidence that produces one of nature’s great spectacles, a total solar eclipse, on the rare occasions when the Moon passes directly in front … Continued


Fog on Mars, storms on Jupiter and fiery flares on the Sun – stunning close up images of our nearest planetary neighbours are going on show at London’s Natural History Museum. What would you see if you travelled to the … Continued